ESLA, Manufacturers of Special Cables, a company created in 1992, always had a vocation for service in the commercial world, hence its inspiration, since it was formed by professionals from the world of special cable sales, its name Cables and Connections It comes from the dedication since its creation to the world of connection of both Fiber Optics and connection of local networks UTP / FTP

Many years later, we are manufacturers with a facility dedicated to the manufacture of about 2200 m2 and that allows us to provide service and price to our client without renouncing in any case a very good quality, being today a product -our cable- appreciated by many customers who support us.

In the future ESLA has adapted to the needs of the market with improvements in our production process, with the adaptation to the new CpR regulation and with the incorporation of leading cable brands as our partner for a future that begins very promising.

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The ESLA Team Cables and Connections

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